I like to supercharge inspiring businesses and individuals through design and strategy 

I am a Rotterdam-based startup operator and hands-on digital strategist fuelled by bold ideas and great people. I believe business and design are powerful playing fields to achieve sustainable growth and meaningful impact.

Currently, I am a Digital Strategist at Builders startup studio. In this role, I work on strategic challenges to supercharge the growth of our studio and venture portfolio.

Operating across brand strategy, venture building, creative leadership, talent, and growth.


Prior, I’ve taken on roles in digital design, business development, and marketing management. I have a track record within technology companies, design agencies, and social businesses.

I studied economics & digital marketing after an extensive design study. Due to this combination of fields, I am able to operate on both a creative and business level.

Currently fascinated by no-code, parallel venture building, impact, natural wine, and plant-based food. 

Zero bullshit tolerance & Self-starter & Endlessly passionate & Better world & Natural wine enthusiast & Keeping things weird

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