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Graduation project

As a graduation project a study partner and I created a problem solving web-application called InSitu. InSitu is a digital business application to create contact moments. InSitu has been shipped as a functional prototype. My role during this project were the concept, design and front-end development.

The concept

With all the technological advancements it is still hard to directly contact a person. The person isn’t always available, this can be because he or she is in a meeting, on the road or on a vacation. When trying to contact this person you probably hear this from a near colleague or the desk clerk. Planning a date or leaving a message is mostly the only option. Concept InSitu aims to show a possible solution for this problem.

Concept InSitu provides the world with a piece of missing information provision. Concept InSitu does this through the visualization of the current status and activities of the user. A user can specify a status on his or her profile in three different forms:

01. Available status

The user is available for a contact moment within the specified time.

02. Unavailable status

The user is not currently available for a contact moment within the indicated time.

03. Away status

The user is currently not available for an indefinite period of time.

A more extensive explanation about concept InSitu can be found at the live project website.


webpage design

I. dashboard page - web capture

webpage design

II. profile page - web capture

webpage design

III. company page - web capture

webpage design

IV. search page - web capture

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