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About me

I am a (digital) design graduate, currently studying economics with a prime focus on digital business concepts, at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries.

I’ve studied design for over eight years (2007 - 2015), giving me a diverse background spread across many design and technology-related disciplines. After graduating as a digital media designer, I started studying economics (2015 - now), focused on digital business concepts, connecting business and design.

During and between studies I’ve worked with both internet and design agencies, an architectural firm, technology companies and a social design studio. I like to design, strategize and everything in between. The combination of both studies gives me the power to create and evaluate on both a design and business level.

On a personal level, I enjoy good food, hunting contemporary art, fitness and personal design projects.

Adventure timeline


Business development at Het Proces

UI/UX design at NetDialog

Sustainability project at Pakhuis B


Selected The Next Web T500 2017 edition

Internship at Het Proces

External schoolproject at TAM/TAM


Internship at Powerhouse Company


Started at Fontys ACI Tilburg, HBO

Internship at Online Department

Summer job at NetDialog


Internship at Thingks Creative Media


Summer job at NetDialog


Started at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, MBO


Internship at ACS audiovisual solutions


Started at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, VMBO

Fields of interest

Technology Innovation User-experience Business Design Strategy Problem-solving Complexity Ventures Investments Life-hacking Creative-direction


I started my learning journey in 2007 when I started at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam VMBO. A four-year program to introduce and explore all creative fields such as press, audiovisual design, graphic design, stage engineering and digital/web design.

When I graduated I moved on to the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam MBO in 2011. A four year program where I studied Graphic Design for the first year and translated into Interactive Media Design for the next three years. During this study, I've completed two internships in one year. I graduated in 2015 as an Interactive Media Designer.

My current adventure is a four-year study (2015 - 2019) at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (ACI) in the city of Tilburg studying Commercial Economics with a prime focus on Digital Business Concepts (DBC). The objective of this study is to design, create and validate (mostly digital) business concepts.

The study focuses on a broad range of disciplines e.g. marketing, business economics, visual design, research, and concept creation. The disciplines are being applied to projects, where I work on cases for companies such as; employment agency Randstad, Tilburg University and creative agency TamTam (part of Dept Agency now). During this study, I hope to learn about leadership, economics, investments, concept design and business creation.

logo grafisch lyceum rotterdam

2007 - Creative Introduction & Exploration

logo grafisch lyceum rotterdam

2011 - Interactive Media Design

logo fontys

2015 - Commercial Economics (DBC)